Moving Home?

Moving Office?

Need Truck Hire?

Dear Clients – Our Quotes are based on the Volume, Distance and Date of Removal! Please ensure trucks bigger than 3-tons are allowed in the complexes or security areas. Truck heights are 4.3m Please check for arches, narrow gates, low hanging tree branches, pan handles, availability of lifts or anything that may cause a restriction to the trucks! Additional costs will apply for Shuttle with bakkies when furniture needs to be carried more than 50m!


Its really difficult to keep track of all your valuables when you move but boxing everything can make it simpler. These days boxes can cost a fortune but it is something that we cannot do without. Let us know which area you are in and we can recommend a cheap supplier closest to you.

If you don’t mind using used boxes than we can arrange used moving boxes at R10 each. Once your removal is booked with us we will deliver your boxes free of charge.

We require a minimum order of 30 boxes to do this.


Computer Relocation

All cables, plugs and peripherals are kept in special plastic bags. Computer monitors and flat screens are boxed in boxed stuffed with Styrofoam.

Desktops are packaged the same way. All units are then placed in a larger box altogether with fragile stickers. Labels are provided to make sure each cpu unit reaches the correct employee.

Dismantling – Re-Assembly

We carry all the tools necessary to do our job and are able to dismantle and reassemble all home and office furniture. We do not charge for this service however we do charge to remove doors and re-attach them should we have to.

From sleigh bed, bunk bed, cots, compactums, desks
……we do it all.

When dismantling office furniture every care is taken to make
sure that all units are transported together and that all screws and bolts are labelled and taped on the very same items they were removed from. Should you require bubble wrap, this can be arranged providing that suitable notice is given.


You may not have a door that can accommodate your couch. We have years of experience in hoisting furniture up or down buildings and apartments. All goods are wrapped prior to the hoist to ensure no scratches or marks. Attached is a picture of a coricraft couch being hoisted up 8 floors. This is a technique that not just anyone should attempt.

We take proper measures to ensure that there is no damage to the item of furniture but more than that, we ensure the building is not damaged or vandalized in the process. We have years of experience in doing this so leave it to the professionals.

Moving the Safe

In most cases Alpha Movers can move your safe. We use pallet jacks and trolleys however there have been circumstances in which some companies have had abnormally large safes. We have 3 safe moving companies that we subcontract this work out to.

These companies have been tried and tested and carry the appropriate rigging and tools to facilitate this task. Should the need arise, for your peace of mind Alpha Movers can undertake to have special insurance taken out for this procedure at no additional cost to you.

Now that’s what I call SERVICE!!!


Packing can be an immense task. From boxing your goods to wrapping your couches we do it all. We can provide plastic covers for your beds, huge boxes for your linen, bubble wrap for your valuables such as your tvs, paintings, mirrors, glass….

Email us your enquiry and a consultant will call you back. Please note that ample time is required to pack a house so prior notice is required.

A minimum for 7 days shall be required to book this


Being affiliated with different storage companies in all different areas makes it easy for us to get you the best rate possible. We do not broker storage so these arrangements should be made directly through the storage company. We only use storage companies who have clean, safe and secure facilities.

It is advisable to use a storage company closest to you to bring your moving costs down.